Select Stories from Honore DE Balzac Translated by James Waring & Ellen Marriage

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Condition – Good – Hard back, red cloth. Red edge colour to top of pages. Some slight foxing in places but generally good throughout. Some bumping to edges. No date entry.

Size – 8 x 51/2 x 23/4 inch (Large book in depth).


Two stories together in the one book. Not read by the OLB team so we may await your thoughts, please let us know upon purchase.


(Balzac, Honoré de, 1799-1850)

First story; La Cousine Bette (French pronunciation: la kuzin bɛt; Cousin Bette) is an 1846 novel by French author Honoré de Balzac. Set in mid-19th century Paris, it tells the story of an unmarried middle-aged woman who plots the destruction of her extended family. Bette works with Valérie Marneffe, an unhappily married young lady, to seduce and torment a series of men. One of these is Baron Hector Hulot, husband to Bette's cousin Adeline. He sacrifices his family's fortune and good name to please Valérie, who leaves him for a tradesman named Crevel. The book is part of the Scènes de la vie parisienne section of Balzac's novel sequence La Comédie humaine ("The Human Comedy").


Second story; Eugenie Grandet.

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