Mark Britton lives in the north of remote Cumbria, in the wild border lands close to the Scottish border.  He has always had a passion for old books, whether it’s owning them or borrowing them.  “It doesn’t matter whether I’m browsing through a shop’s collection or sitting in a museum or stately home: I love to sit and gaze, breathe deeply and smell their presence.”

For Mark there's something special about owning a book that has travelled through many hands, especially a book which has been well-loved.  It speaks to you of a rich history, with perhaps sticker plates and inscriptions telling you something of its previous owners: he says you can tell from a book’s scent whether it has been kept in a library or next to a coal fire.  These are books which have that slightly dusty smell of old paper, board and ink and a sense of needing to be delicately handled as befits a precious object.  The materials of each book possess a quality not often woven into modern books: leather bindings; gold leaf detailing; woodcut drawings – a feeling of this volume being able to tell you a story so much richer than mere words on a page.
Mark started purchasing books through  on-line auction websites, where people were selling books which they perhaps considered junk but which to him were undiscovered treasures.  As his collection and knowledge grew, he wanted to share this passion with others.  The Olde Lane Books website has therefore been developed from  that passion, with love – for past and future custodians of these glorious gems.
Creating these pages has been an interesting journey  which Mark sincerely hopes has resulted in a website which will allow you to fulfil your desires when it comes to buying  old or  used books.  And it wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance of his son, Web and Social Media Manager Joshua Britton, another precious asset to whom thanks are more than due.  His commitment  and passion  for all the background on-line details has  made Mark realise, better to leave it to those  that know.

Thanks are also  due  to Mark's wife and accountant Laura as she keeps him on the straight  and narrow in more  than just the financial sense and has been  very  supportive during the creation  of OLB. There have been many late nights for Mark (and possibly more) yet Laura's support has never waned and she is always keen to know what's new and how things are progressing.

Finally I (Mark)  would like  to thank our  neighbour and friend Sarah LewisBriggs for her  valued  assistance in  the promotion of OLB. An avid writer herself, her passion for words, language and many things beyond my abilities has been a very interesting  journey so thank you Sarah.
​Please visit  Sarah's website, click here   https://runningin3time.wordpress.com/

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