The Start of your Reading Journey

From Mark Britton, owner of Olde Lane Books:

Olde Lane Books has been created from a love of old books. Every book we sell can tell a story of its own unique history and character in much the same way as a person or a building.
Although the halls of Olde Lane Books may not be as  extensive as some of the bigger websites out there, I'm confident that our small family-owned business can provide you the comfort of a caring service and an easy to use  website,  and that our  books will  offer you something special, whether that is  in  terms of the joys of purchasing a beautiful book  or  in finding that perfect gift or a cherished addition to your own library. Either way  we will endeavour to keep adding more quality  titles, answering any questions and  being attentive to  your buying experience  in the hope that you will return time and again.

If there happens to be a certain  book you have been trying to source for some time and you haven't found it, either out there in the wide world, or here at OLB, please message us and we'll try to find it for you: you never know... 
Above all, enjoy Olde Lane Books – a world of pages and dreams and the start of your reading journey - and thank you for your time and support.  It is greatly appreciated.

Mark and the Team.
​January 2019

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